Revenue and expenditure
According to the available statistics and information , it is specified that the C.S.P.F revenue and expenditure have been always approximate to each other , but the reality is that revenues have not been collected according to the statistical forecasts during previous years . The C.S.P.F has continuously claimed for the state debts with the respect of the employer share. Non– inclusion of a part of these revenues in the C.S.P.F economic activities cycle can cause several problems to administer it and implement projects for improving subsistence of the retired .
Revenue resources:
The funds , needed for the C.S.P.F in order to pay the retired and pensioners rights , are mainly provided from two resources :
1- The funds resulted from the employee and employer retirement contribution rates. This figure is now 22.5 percent of the salary and fringe benefits of the employees.
2- The funds resulted from the C.S.P.F investments.
most of the expenditure of C.S.P.F is related to the payments of more than 865 thousand retired & pensioners' rights .
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