Calculation Method for Retirement Pension
Retirement pension =
Total of service years by day ( Max 30 days )   r   Average of all received salaries and fringe benefits in the last 2 years of service (subject to the retirement contribution share using the last rate in the retirement year )

10800 days or 30 years
Remarks :
In the cases in which the employee’s service years is less than 2 years , his or her last salary and fringe benefits in working years is regarded as his or her average salary .
In the cases in which an employee becomes invalid or deceased ( Articles 80 and 83,the Civil Servant Employment law ) , all his or her salary and fringe benefits plus 2 additional grades( with calculating the encouragement grade ) will be payable to the concerned employee or to his or her legal heirs .
If an employee is retired or deceased and all his or her service years is less than 15 years , it will be regarded as 15 years .
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