Dear retired residents of Foreign Countries In order for you to facilitate the receipt of salary by your attorney, the Civil Servants Pension Fund( CSPF ) has accomplished a project as follows.
Since the proxy needed for issuing the letter of introduction for the receipt of monthly salary by your attorneys inside the country expires after one year and its extension outside the country may cause you problems, we’ve arranged some facilities for you to get in contact with the related personals in CSPF through audio – pictorial means that enables you personally to bring up your request due to which the new extended introductions, letter will be issued fir another one who is approved by you .
To achieve the project, the following process will be accomplished:
  1. Please study this page completely, then press the button “ACCEPT” if you agree it.
  2. Complete the requested information properly, and send it to the e-mail of CSPF ( push the button submit information .
  3. At the most, after one full day of receiving your message, the related manager in CSPF will inform you of the method and time of a direct contact through your e-mail. Note: The weekly Day off of CSPF is Thursday & Friday.
  4. In order for you to contact us, it is necessary to have one of the following valid documents: Passports & IRANIAN I.D. card with photo.
  5. You should get in contact with related manager of CSPF on the determined time through the process that will be told to you.
  6. At the end of your talks with the manager, please note that you should declare him your request concerning the extension of proxy of your attorney who had previously been introduced to the organization.
  7. Once the contact is finished, you would receive a confirmation from CSPF through your e – mail.
  8. After you studied the confirmation, please inform your attorney of the conditions through which he can refer to the organization.
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